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private cloudSaaS Escrow for Private Cloud

Applications hosted on VMware or Hyper-V

Protecting Hosted Data 24/7

When you transfer your critical data to a SaaS vendor, you want to be sure that in the event of a major technical failure or if they cease operations that you have continued access to your data. Only relying on their backup is not good enough to provide full business continuity.

In the situation where your SaaS vendor is hosting the application within an on-premise or third-party datacentre, the Escrow London methodology is to create a bespoke solution using a range of modules in which the clients can select the type of protection to include.

The SaaS Escrow solution for applications hosted within a private cloud will typically include:

  • Source code of the application (The source code may be deposited manually or automatically directly from GitHub or a range of other online code repositories)
  • An image of the runtime environment / VM
  • Up-to-date encrypted backup of the hosted database

Verification for SaaS Services

Escrow London offers a range of verification services to provide comfort in assuring the usability of the deposited material in the event of a release.

Our Verification services for a private cloud SaaS Escrow include:

  • Comprehensive Build Verification – Full test of the deposited source code to ensure that it can be re-built into a working application. One of our experienced developers oversees the build process at the developers site to ensure that all the files and documentation required to compile the system are included within the escrow deposit.
  • SaaS Verification – This test is performed to simulate a release condition of a SaaS environment. During this process our technical consultant documents the process to deploy the application and database into the private cloud infrastructure.
  • SaaS Release Verification – This test is performed to simulate a release condition of a SaaS environment. This is a two-part process that includes a Comprehensive Build Verification of the source code and a full documentation of the runtime environment and database deployment at the developers site. This is followed by a rebuild of the runtime environment and deployment of the database on a simulated VM at the Escrow London lab or on a replica cloud platform.
  • Database Functionality Test (add on to SaaS Release verification) – The Database Functionality Test allows the Beneficiary to remotely test the regular database deposits on a scheduled basis within the framework of the SaaS Escrow service.

What happens in the event of a release?

In the event of a release situation, the beneficiary will receive a copy of the source code, runtime environment / VM images and the latest copy of the database.

The beneficiary has the option of deploying the SaaS application within their own environment or to utilise the expertise of Escrow London to provide an interim business continuity solution. This would be supported from Escrow London’s own, private datacentre in the UK.

SaaS Financial Alerts

In addition to the SaaS Escrow service, we offer a Financial Alert Monitoring service to ensure that the SaaS vendor is up to date with their vendor payments. More information can be found here

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