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SaaS Escrow,

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Some of Our Clients

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Flexible Service

SaaS Escrow does not need to be complicated. That is why we keep our process as simple as possible.

We pride ourselves on our boutique approach, which recognises our customers need for a unique, bespoke solution to each escrow agreement, while simultaneously maintaining international corporate standards that are vital for ensuring the security of our clients’ code.

We provide uncompromising friendly service and allow flexibility at no additional charge when creating solutions for our clients.

Pro-active Version Control

SaaS Escrow provides protection and value as long as the deposited source codes, images and databases are up to date and safely stored.

We have developed a unique system to allow our clients’ to view the inventory of scanned escrow agreements and a listing of data deposited with us. The system automatically notifies the depositor when they are next due for an update.

Through our online console every client has an overview of all their agreements in escrow. A red/green indicator clearly marks if everything is up to date.

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Once your databases, system images and source code have been deposited into an escrow, it is vital to ensure that they are protected 24/7 in the best possible way. To ensure complete protection, we maintain:

  • Private secure data centre facility
  • Biometric access control
  • Internal and external CCTV
  • 256 bit level encryption
  • SFTP transfer
  • ISO27001 certification

Competitive Fees

SaaS Escrow does not need to be expensive. All our fees are clearly outlined in the initial proposal providing a clear view of the expected cost. We have a commitment of providing our clients with fair and competitive fees that provide substantial cost savings across the board.

We do not charge a setup or implementation fee for any of our SaaS Escrow agreements as we don’t believe that you should have to pay us to become a customer.

We also provide a free transfer service for existing agreements with another vendor.

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What our Clients say

A large international banking client with headquarters in London requested that we implement a software escrow agreement. I found the efficient and flexible approach of Escrow London of great value when navigating the agreement with my client.
eTranzact is a leading payment technology provider delivering mobile payment platforms across Africa. We were looking for a professional and cost effective software escrow service to give our customers additional protection. We found the team at Escrow London to be flexible and helpful in meeting our needs by implementing our agreement and addressing our concerns.
After a lengthy evaluation process we made the decision to transfer our agreements for our CRM and ERP system to Escrow London. Their fees were lower than our previous vendor and their service was remarkably friendly and helpful. Although I was nervous about transferring our agreements, the process was seamless and professional.
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