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Simple Pricing

How Much Does Software Escrow Cost?

No Setup Fees on Any Plan

Unlimited Deposits from Unlimited Repos

Annual Fees

Single Beneficiary Software Escrow Agreement

£ 1,395

Deposit of Source Code and Documentation

Multi Beneficiary Software Escrow Agreement

£ 1,595

Deposit of Source Code and Documentation


Replicated SaaS Continuity Escrow Agreement

From £ 1,995

Replica of SaaS Environment Including Source Code, Deployment Scripts (IaC) and Databases

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  • SaaS Access Credentials
  • Data Holding Agreements
  • Information / Patent Escrow
  • Open Source Code Audits
  • Penetration Testing

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How do we keep our prices so low without compromising on quality?

The simple answer is, economies of scale are no longer relevant – we believe in economies of nimbleness. The days of bloated corporations with large expense accounts, passing on those costs to their clients in their fees are numbered.

We immediately identified a common and unfair fee that is widespread in the software escrow market. The setup / implementation fee.  We have done away with this fee, and this is why:

Setup / implementation fee – Should you really be charged a fee for the privilege of becoming our customer?

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laptop saas

Escrow London is one of the few international software escrow vendors that does not charge a setup / implementation fee.

As part of our fair pricing policy, we aim to keep our annual fees competitive within the market by offering savings of up to 50% of our competitors’ fees whilst still providing the level of service and security you would expect from a leading software escrow vendor.


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