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Self Service Software Escrow for Developers

Trusted by Many of the World’s Biggest Companies

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How Express Escrow Works

Express Escrow has been designed to provide developer’s complete control over their software escrow. We have simplified the process to make it as quick and efficient as possible enabling you to setup your software escrow agreement in a few steps.

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Automated Deposits

Escrow London are the pioneers of developing a system that allows developers to automate their source code deposits directly from their online code repositories.
We support a wide range of platforms including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, SourceForge, Azure TFS, SFTP and many other popular repos. Simply select which option works best for you.


Quick Agreement Setup

Sign up today online to setup your software escrow account. Provide the company details of the Developer and Beneficiary, select the country of jurisdiction (We support UK, EU (Netherlands) and USA jurisdiction), select the method of deposit of your code and a legally binding agreement will be setup using our template terms and conditions.

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Release Events

The release events of a software escrow agreement define the conditions under which the Beneficiary may apply for the deposit materials to be released. The Express Escrow release events include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • The Depositor applies for or consents to the appointment of a trustee, receiver or other custodian
  • Depositor ceases active operations of their business or discontinues the licensing or maintenance of the deposit materials in material breach of the software license agreement
  • Depositor assigns their intellectual property to a third party and the third party does not agree to offer the Beneficiary similar protection provided for by the software escrow agreement

View the full agreement by clicking the link.



Once your IP and source codes have been deposited into an escrow, it is vital to ensure that it is protected 24/7 in the best possible way. To ensure complete protection, we maintain:

  • Complete end to end encryption
  • ISO27001 compliance
  • Strict internal data security procedures
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What our Clients say

Escrow London provided us with a clear implementation program for the Replicated SaaS Continuity solution that was put in place on behalf of our client, the DfE. During the verification exercises, the Escrow London team of AWS consultants worked diligently alongside our developers to ensure that the replicated environments were fully functional meeting the expectations of our client. We will be happy to work with Escrow London again going forward.

Texuna Technologies
A large international banking client with headquarters in London requested that we implement a software escrow agreement. I found the efficient and flexible approach of Escrow London of great value when navigating the agreement with my client.
eTranzact is a leading payment technology provider delivering mobile payment platforms across Africa. We were looking for a professional and cost effective software escrow service to give our customers additional protection. We found the team at Escrow London to be flexible and helpful in meeting our needs by implementing our agreement and addressing our concerns.
After a lengthy evaluation process we made the decision to transfer our agreements for our CRM and ERP system to Escrow London. Their fees were lower than our previous vendor and their service was remarkably friendly and helpful. Although I was nervous about transferring our agreements, the process was seamless and professional.
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