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About Escrow London

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About Escrow London – Our Journey

Escrow London is a multinational software escrow company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Our US entity, Escrow London North America Inc was established in 2020 to provide local service and support to our clients in the US and Canada.  Our North American regional offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Our journey begins back in 1999 when Paul Trevor established DataSpace UK in Northwich just outside Manchester in the UK. Paul grew DataSpace UK to become a leading information management and data storage company with a team of over 40 staff.

Evan Lever and Anthony Harris, both originally from Australia, are the founders of Databank, a leading data storage and software escrow company. With a powerful team, over a period of 13 years, they grew DataBank to a sizeable business protecting the source code and data of many of the world’s most notable organizations including companies such as Citi Group, HSBC, Apple, IBM, Ikea and AIG to name a few. Evan and Anthony sold DataBank and set their eyes on the global software escrow market and relocated to London.

Meeting of minds

With deep expertise in international software escrow, Evan and Anthony teamed up with Paul and created the software escrow division of DataSpace.

The business model was simple; To provide a breath of fresh air to a market that had a reputation for being inflexible, stale and old-school by providing a world class software escrow service that was more flexible with fair and transparent fees without compromising on quality. As more enterprise companies were adopting SaaS hosted applications, the Escrow London team invested in creating robust software escrow solutions built within AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Escrow London North America Inc was established in 2020 to focus on providing our North American clients in the US and Canada with a local and personal level of service.

Today we service hundreds of companies across the UK, USA, Middle East, Australia and beyond. Our wide mix of customers includes major banks, insurance firms, technology companies and software start-ups.

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G-Cloud 12

In  September 2020, Escrow London was awarded a UK government framework agreement under the G-Cloud 12 platform. This major achievement recognizes the innovative escrow solutions that we provide backed up by our serious accreditations approved by the UK government.

Our Experience

When it comes to experience, we have it all. The founders and management of our company have been in the software escrow business for over 20 years. We have negotiated thousands of agreements with many of the worlds’ largest organisations.

How does our technical experience match up to our competitors?

We believe that software escrow should be a simple process with effective controls built around 3 pillars:

1. Legal Framework

Escrow London’s framework agreement provides neutral assurance to all parties involved of the software escrow process. We do not charge any fees for amending the template agreement and we always strive to provide a swift turnaround on comments. We have extensive legal experience in negotiating software agreements with many of the world’s largest law firms and corporations. Our liability and professional liability insurance is in line with international standards for software escrow (U$2,000,000 (North America)/£5,000,000 (UK and international).

2. Management Process

We have years of experience in handling the entire management process of a software escrow agreement from initiation, testing and trigger events in the UK, USA and further afield. This management process covers 4 key areas:

  • Data storage – When it comes to data storage, we believe we lead the way in the software escrow market.  We believe that if you have entrusted us with your software escrow requirements that it is our responsibility to look after it personally and in-house without the reliance on third-party  facilities.
  • Accreditations – As a group of companies, sharing resources like our secure data centre and media vaults allows us to create a state of the art facility while still generating savings to pass onto our customers. Because this facility is located within the DataSpace campus, the ISO 27001, ISO9001, BS10008, ISO14001, PD5454 certification for escrow is held under DataSpace. We’ve recently extended the scope of our ISO27001 for information security management to specifically cover Escrow London and our software escrow service.
  • Management – Once a software escrow agreement is in place, it is vital to ensure that the source code is updated on an agreed frequency. Escrow London provides support to our clients to follow up with the developers to assist them to make deposits according to the expectations of all sides of the agreement.
  • Release Process – In the unlikely event that a release/trigger event occurs, we have years of experience in the UK, US and internationally at hand to ensure the process is handled in a delicate, professional and neutral way. From the beginning, our agreements clearly outline the release events and the dispute resolution process. We are able to work with various global arbitration processes.

3. Verification Testing

The testing of the source code in a software escrow deposit is an integral part of every software escrow agreement. Our testing consultants all possess solid experience in the management and verification of source code acquired from years of on the job training with some of the world’s largest software escrow vendors. Our SaaS Escrow verification consultants are all certified AWS, Azure and GCP engineers. As we are proponents of transparency, we are happy to provide the CV’s of our testing consultants before they commence work. All testing performed by us results in a detailed report clearly outlining the outcome and process. Our comprehensive documentation is written in common sense, plain to understand English. We don’t see any value in a test result report that the non-technical person cannot understand with ease.


G-Cloud 12 Approved

Escrow London Ltd has successfully been approved to supply our innovative escrow solutions through the latest iteration of the United Kingdom government’s G-Cloud framework.

The framework agreement covers traditional software escrow, verification services and unique SaaS escrow solutions that provide business continuity for SaaS hosted applications hosted within AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Escrow London is proud to have been awarded a G-Cloud framework agreement, and we are the first software escrow vendor on the platform to support automatic deposits directly from GitHub and Bitbucket.

Escrow London Cloud Vaults

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Server Screen in Escrow London Data Centre

As an innovative software escrow vendor, Escrow London aims to align our solutions with the technology that our clients are using. As such, our services are backed up by state-of-the-art technology developed within AWS and Microsoft Azure and we integrate with development tools such as GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure TFS and Docker containers. All data in our digital vaults are encrypted in transit and at rest in accordance with international data security standards. Clients may specify a preferred geographic data storage region including the USA, UK, EU, Middle East, Asia or Australia. For additional security, clients can opt-in for offline vault storage maintained within the media vaults of DataSpace UK, our partner data storage company.

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