Why Our Clients Love Automated Deposits Directly From Their Git Repository

When Escrow London launched several years ago, our main focus was to be disruptive and to innovate new solutions into the software escrow space.

We conducted detailed research speaking to software developers around the world and the most common complaint regarding software escrow agreements was allocating time and resources to make deposits of their source code.

Developers are usually busy people writing new lines of code every day for their clients. Creating a software escrow deposit takes time and often falls to the bottom of their to-do lists. Traditionally, software escrow vendors have been required to make manual deposits either physically on removable media or via an FTP upload to the escrow provider.

Software Escrow Vision

Our vision for software escrow is to seamlessly integrate into the development cycle. Almost all software developers utilise some sort of Git repository. This could be GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, TFS or even an on premise private repo.

We have invested a huge amount of resources into creating a working solution to make the lives of developers simpler and to provide additional security to all of our  clients.

Our developer clients love this solution as we can automate the process  to pull down the source code on a daily basis. This ensures that the deposited source code is always up to date and does not rely on the memory and resources of the software developer.

Our beneficiaries love this solution as they have the comfort that in the event of a release, the latest source code will always be available.

From an implementation point of view, our team of technical experts constantly support the developer with the steps involved to ensure the data is encrypted and synched on a daily basis.

To learn more about Escrow London and our automated deposit service, please visit our site at www.escrowlondon.co.uk