Escrow London charges into 2018 with continued rapid growth and upward momentum

Rapidly growing software and SaaS escrow vendor experiences key growth milestones and innovation achievements.

Escrow London, one of the fastest growing global software and SaaS escrow companies, today announced a record breaking start to the year and continued upward momentum including new product innovations and rapid customer growth.

In the last 6 months, Escrow London re-homed many of the former Total Escrow Solutions (TES) customers and also created exciting new solutions within the SaaS escrow market primarily around AWS environments. They are the first and only UK escrow company offering automatic deposits directly from GitHub.

Escrow London provides its customers with a range of software escrow, SaaS escrow and complimentary verification services.

“Our new clients are selecting Escrow London over our competitors due to our innovative new products, flexible approach and “can-do” attitude,” said Evan Lever, CEO of Escrow London. “We have created some really cutting-edge SaaS escrow solutions for our clients that our competitors simply cannot match.”


Early 2018 Milestones

  • We implemented a large SaaS project by creating a ‘hot’ backup site in an AWS environment that we maintain on behalf of the SaaS vendor and their client who is a leading UK financial institution. The application is currently hosted by the SaaS vendor in a complex AWS environment. Our solution includes a “lights out” business continuity provision where in the event of a release, the client may switch over to the replicated hosted application on the Escrow London AWS environment which will be kept live for an agreed period of time. This provides the end user with business continuity and breathing space in the event that the SaaS vendor ceases operations or becomes unable to fulfil its contractual obligations.
  • Our automatic deposit service directly from online repositories is gaining rapid momentum. This innovation is a major differentiator from our competitors that have been unable to keep up with our development. We currently support a range of repositories including GitHub, Bitbucket, SourceForge, TFS and many others.
  • The Escrow London SaaS Financial Alerts solution is a cut above what our competitors are offering. This service provides additional comfort to our clients that heavily rely on a SaaS hosted application. Not only do we automatically and manually monitor vendor payments, but we also provide a provision to continue to pay the SaaS vendors fees to a third party hosting provider such as AWS or Microsoft Azure in the event of a release.

“We are excited to continue this incredible journey throughout 2018 as we innovate and disrupt the global software escrow industry by providing unique and cost effective solutions to our clients” said Evan Lever.