AWS Migration Strategy

Migrating to Amazon Web Services – AWS can be a scary experience for companies. The team at Escrow London has listened to their client’s concerns and have created solutions within AWS to provide the best value scalable options to our clients. Our extensive AWS division has been built to assist our clients in migrating their applications or infrastructure to the AWS platform. With the experience of handling migrations across multiple industries, Escrow London can advise your organization about migrating in a security first manner, along with cloud governance and cost management. Our team of AWS certified consultants commence by establishing your company’s motivation to move data and applications to AWS. The reasons for the migration may include:

  • Application is currently hosted by the software developer within a physical data centre;
  • A speedy exit from an incumbent data centre;
  • Major license or hardware upgrade or renewal cost avoidance;
  • Company policy of efficiently moving to the cloud;
  • Replacement of a disaster recovery site located in a physical data centre;
  • Deploying applications to the cloud on a needs basis.

Once we have identified the motivation to migrate over to AWS, we evaluate your existing environment and infrastructure including your compliance requirements. We then work with your team to establish the people, policies, process, and technology requirements to ensure your migration is seamless and a success.

Avoid the Analysis and Decision-Making Paralysis

From our experience one of the biggest failure causes of a cloud migration program is the inability to start or make decisions. This will require your company to come up with a solid plan of action. We work with your team to develop a plan to begin migrating step by step. This may include moving over smaller applications first and once comfort and security has been built, we move over the more complex estates.