As an increasing number of US and Canadian enterprise companies are shifting to SaaS hosted applications, the demand for software escrow solutions with the ability to provide continuity is rapidly growing.

In the past, these enterprise companies would have avoided SaaS hosted applications due to concerns over the perceived risks of cloud hosted systems.

In recent years there has been major adoption of SaaS hosted applications including productivity apps such as, Salesforce, Slack, and  Trello. As these companies have become more comfortable with SaaS hosted apps, they are widening their adoption of anything from entire banking systems, police enforcement, airline management systems, insurance portals, ERP systems and more.

Software vendors in North America are largely hosting their applications within AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These platforms come with massive benefits in providing higher levels of information security, scalability and efficiencies compared to on-premise or data center hosted applications.

The risk for North American enterprise companies is that the solution and all their data is controlled by the software vendor. For enterprise companies to adopt SaaS hosted solutions in a responsible way, they need to ensure they have a third-party continuity process in place in the unlikely event something happens to the software vendor.  Such events may include bankruptcy, major failure that remains unremedied or a ransomware attack.

Enterprise companies across the USA and Canada are turning to Escrow London to develop robust SaaS continuity solutions that provide for a continuation of service if something were to happen to the software vendor. The most popular Escrow London suite of SaaS Continuity Escrow solutions include:

  • Replicated SaaS Continuity with 90 Days of Live Availability – providing a replicated cloud environment with databases using CloudFormation/Terraform templates that may be activated in the event of a release situation. In the event of a release, Escrow London will be on hand to keep the lights on and provide a continuity of service for a period of up to 90 days.
  • Replicated SaaS Environment, Source Code and Database Escrow – incorporating deposit cloud environment RPM packages, templates and automatic database and source code deposits from Git repositories including relevant documentation.
  • SaaS Access Continuity – including the deposit of the developer’s access credentials to the cloud hosting vendor. Solutions include the possibility of Escrow London maintaining the production environment for a 90 day period to ensure continuity.
  • Vendor Financial Monitoring – assists in providing the beneficiary with pre-emptive alerts if the developer fails to pay their invoices.

2021 Software Escrow Landscape

The biggest recent shift in the North American software escrow landscape in 2021 has been from the sale of the Iron Mountain software escrow division to the NCC Group.  All the major North American software escrow vendors are coming up with their own solutions for SaaS escrow. Escrow London’s USP is our 90 days of live continuity in the event of a release. In reality, enterprise companies are not equipped to take over a cloud environment or a third party software application overnight. The Escrow London solutions provide that breathing space allowing the enterprise company to migrate their data over to another system without suffering catastrophic interruption.

To learn more about the Escrow London SaaS Continuity solutions, please follow this link.

About Escrow London

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