Post Release Support for Software Escrow

We are often asked about what happens in the event of a release by beneficiaries when sourcing and implementing a software escrow agreement.

Until now, the answer from all software escrow vendors around the world has been the same. The source code is released to the beneficiary and they are then on their own in finding the knowledge and expertise to maintain this code.

Innovation Core

With innovation at our core, Escrow London has identified that this is a major flaw in the software escrow lifecycle. To address this flaw, as part of our standard released process, we have integrated direct assistance in sourcing suitably qualified developers with the necessary skills to assist with supporting the released materials. This service is unique to Escrow London and provides immense added value to any software escrow solution.

The idea is that in the unlikely event of a release, we won’t just hand over the code and disappear. We will offer full support to the the beneficiary and guide them through the daunting and difficult situation whilst assisting them in sourcing new, suitably skilled developers proficient in the programming language used to develop their software.

“Since our inception, Escrow London has always maintained a strong value in building partnerships with our clients. This mindset has always differentiated us from our competitors and this new service addition further enforces our belief in long-term customer relationships.” Said Evan Lever, Founder and CEO of Escrow London.

Follow the link to learn more about Escrow London’s Post Release Support.