Learn the easiest way to reduce the costs of implementing software escrow for your clients

Software escrow is an important piece of any software or SaaS license agreement. A good software escrow agreement combined with automated deposits from GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure Devops or other Git’s will provide your clients with peace of mind. In the unlikely situation where you are no longer around to support your application (most commonly through bankruptcy), your client can apply to have the source code released to them following steps outlined in the escrow agreement.

If you require a straightforward escrow agreement with automated Git deposits and are happy with a standard template agreement, the Escrow London lower cost solution – Express Escrow will work for your business and will reduce your software escrow costs.

Key features to reduce the software escrow fee:

  • No setup fees.
  • No legal fees as you will be using the Express Escrow standard template agreement which can be under UK, EU or USA jurisdiction.
  • Simple to setup with automated deposits from Git’s such as GitHub and Bitbucket reduce the time to prepare manual escrow deposits.
  • Payments are made by credit or debit card to reduce the account management fees
  • Beneficiaries are registered by the developer/depositor and does not require the Beneficiary to sign any agreements.
  • Secure software escrow agreements setup for as low as £59 per month.

The Express Escrow service is backed by the expert experience, security and support team of Escrow London. If your clients require additional services such as verification testing or agreements that require modification, we can be on hand to assist with any such requirement.

To learn more about the Express Escrow service and Escrow London follow this link.