The Escrow Company’s impact at Manifest Vegas 2024: Propelling business resilience and continuity forward


Manifest Vegas 2024, the largest global supply chain and logistics event in the world for innovation and collaboration, served as the perfect setting for The Escrow Company to showcase its latest software escrow and SaaS escrow solutions, alongside the introduction of their rebranding initiative —a strategic shift signifying their transformation from Escrow London North America Inc. to a more attuned and responsive partner for the US market.  

The Escrow CompanyThe Escrow Company’s booth was a hive of activity, brimming with industry leaders eager to explore how their cutting-edge offerings could ensure continuity and business resilience for their organisations.

The Escrow CompanyA highlight of The Escrow Company’s Manifest Vegas presence was their strategic collaboration with DroneUp, a partnership underscored by a compelling case study. This partnership demonstrated how forward-thinking organisations leverage The Escrow Company’s solutions to secure their operations against unforeseen disruptions, ensuring resilience and long-term viability. The case study served as a testament to The Escrow Company’s unwavering commitment to empowering businesses with the tools needed to thrive in this dynamic sector.

As Manifest Vegas drew to a close, The Escrow Company reflected on the event’s success—a testament to their tailored solutions to not only empower developers to safeguard their software development projects, but also play a vital role in ensuing seamless business continuity for their customers in the event of critical failures such as developer bankruptcy.


“The Escrow Company’s standout performance at Manifest Vegas 2024 reaffirms our position as the go-to software escrow and SaaS escrow provider for the US market. With our innovative solutions, forward-thinking perspective and unwavering dedication to client success, The Escrow Company stands ready to navigate the complexities of the modern business world, safeguarding assets and driving sustained growth for our clients.” Evan Lever, Founder and CEO, The Escrow Company.



About The Escrow Company

The Escrow Company, based in Atlanta, USA is the US division of Escrow London, a global software escrow and SaaS escrow company with offices also in London, UK, and Sydney, Australia.

We have invested considerable resources into innovation to reinvent software escrow for a SaaS world. The Escrow Company provides a range of SaaS Continuity escrow solutions suitable for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud hosted SaaS applications. We support a wide range of clients includes major law firms, banks, central banks, insurance companies, technology companies and government organisations.

To find out more about our software escrow and SaaS escrow solutions, visit our YouTube channel.