Top 5 Reasons to use Source Code Escrow

Source code escrow is an important tool for businesses that use custom software. By working with a source code escrow vendor such as Escrow London, you can protect your investment and ensure the continued support and security of your software.

  1. Protect your investment: Source code escrow ensures that you have access to the source code of your custom software in the event that something happens to the software development company.

  2. Ensure continued support: If the software development company is unable to provide ongoing support and updates, the source code escrow agent can release the code to you or a new development team.

  3. Provide peace of mind to customers: By using source code escrow, you can show your customers that you take the security and support of their custom software seriously.

  4. Comply with industry standards: In some industries, using source code escrow is a standard practice and may be required by law.

  5. Avoid costly disputes: In the event of a dispute with the software development company, having the source code in escrow can help avoid costly legal battles and allow you to continue using and maintaining the software.