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What is Software Escrow?

You may have heard the word Escrow before, but what does it mean to you, your company and your software?

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What is Software Escrow?

Software escrow is a three party agreement commonly used by North American companies between a software developer (the depositor), the end user (beneficiary) and the source code escrow company. The objective of a software escrow agreement is to provide comfort to the end user that if the software developer is unable or unwilling to support the software, the code can be released to them.

The agreement outlines the responsibilities of all the parties and includes the pre-defined release conditions.

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What are these release conditions?

The release conditions for our North American agreements usually include (these may be amended):

  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency;
  • Discontinuing support or service of the software application;
  • Failure to support the product that is licensed to the Beneficiary and then failing to cure such a material breach within 10 days of notice;
  • Transfer of IP rights to a third party who does not provide the same level of protection provided for in the escrow agreement.

If a release condition occurs, the beneficiary may apply to the software escrow company to release the source code and other materials. The depositor has the opportunity to dispute such a release condition and if necessary, the dispute may be moved to arbitration.

What Type of Agreement Do You Need ?

We offer a range of free template agreements which provide a good starting position to negotiate a fair software escrow agreement.

What Is the Software Escrow Deposit?

Depositing data is a critical component of the software escrow agreement. As a leading global vendor of software escrow services, we understand that the process needs to be simple and secure.

We offer our clients two methods to deposit data with us.

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Automatic Deposit From Git

The developer can automatically upload the source code from their Git repository using SSH encryption. This process ensures that Escrow London always maintains an up to date version of the source code. We support all popular Gits including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure DevOps (TFS) and more.

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Cloud Deposits

We provide all our customers with a client to securely upload their files via secure FTP to our servers. All the data is encrypted while in transit and at rest. We utilize the power of AWS and Microsoft Azure multiple-region storage to provide source code and data storage within the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, Asia and other regions according to our clients’ requirements.

Types of Clients

Escrow London has a full understanding of the different client types that require software escrow solutions. We are not just a service provider, we are your partner and will work with you to support your needs and your transactions at whatever level.

Why do attorneys have confidence in Escrow London?

Escrow London understands that an attorney’s time is valuable, and efficiency is key to keeping their clients satisfied.

Escrow London will provide your clients with exceptional service and high-level security to ensure their data and source code is always protected. We will ensure a speedy turnaround of amended agreements, usually same day service when reviewing agreements.

We provide a number of template agreements to suit most software escrow situations. We understand that agreements need to be amended to suit clients’ needs and we have a reputation of being very flexible with revisions to agreements.

Providing confidence to attorneys

  • High Level Security – Your clients’ source code is their “crown jewels”. You want to be sure that they are always protected.
  • Automated Deposits – We encourage our clients to integrate with our automated deposits directly from their git repos.  
  • Speedy Turnaround – We ensure that all our agreements are reviewed quickly usually providing same day turnaround.
  • Template Agreements – We have a wide array of free template agreements available for free.

Why do software developers have confidence in Escrow London?

Escrow London understands that your source code is your “crown jewels” and it should be protected accordingly. For all our clients’ we ensure the highest level of information security and data protection. We are developer focused and understand the pain of developers in negotiating software license agreements. We ensure that the process of implementing a software escrow agreement with us will be simple and efficient.

We offer multi beneficiary agreements that allow you to always be covered when your clients’ request for you to place your code into escrow.

Providing confidence to software developers

  • High Level Security – Your source code is their “crown jewels”. You want to be sure that it’s always protected.
  • Automated Deposits – We encourage our developer clients to integrate with our automated deposits directly from their git repos.
  • Simple Agreements – We provide a range of free template agreements for every type of escrow requirement.
  • Professional Service – We understand that you are very busy and that your time is valuable. The service we provide is efficient and pleasant.

Why do beneficiaries have confidence in Escrow London?

Escrow London understands that your software escrow agreement only has value if the source code and deposit materials are up to date and accurate. This is why we introduced the automated deposits from Git as standard within all our agreements. This service ensures that the developer source code is always up to date and securely stored within the Escrow London servers.

Providing confidence to beneficiaries

  • Automated Deposits – This ensures that the deposited code is always upto date and securely stored in escrow.
  • Simple Agreements – We provide a range of free template agreements for every type of escrow requirement.
  • Verification Services – We provide a range of verification and testing services to ensure that the deposited code is accurate and usable.

Looking to implement a secure software escrow solution?

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