Top 3 reasons you should use Bitbucket to deposit your software escrow code

As a software developer there are times when your client may request for you to implement a software escrow agreement. Software escrow is essentially an insurance policy for the end user or beneficiary of any type of licensed software application or SaaS service.

Under a software escrow arrangement, If the developer is unable or unwilling to support the application then the beneficiary has the option to request a copy of the source code and associated documentation from the software escrow vendor.

With any software escrow agreement, the developer is required to deposit the source code of the application on a periodic basis. The traditional methodology for source code deposits has been either on DVD or upload via a FTP site.

Most developers today use Bitbucket or GitHub as a repository for their source code management and deployment. It is only natural that the next step is to integrate the software escrow deposit be part of this framework.

This methodology for depositing code has many advantages for both the developer and the beneficiary.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should deposit your source  code into escrow directly from Bitbucket (or your preferred git repository)

  1. Removes the manual burden

Depositing your code automatically directly from Bitbucket removes the burden of you having to make manual deposits via FTP or burning to a DVD. The process is automated and once setup does not involve any day to day management by you, the developer.

  1. Integrates escrow into your code eco-system

The escrow deposit process becomes part of your live source code management eco-system. This also provides you with an additional backup of your code.

  1. Most recent version deposited

The code deposited will always be up to date and the most recent version. This will provide your clients with additional comfort and peace of mind.

Escrow London were the first UK based software escrow vendor to integrate automated deposits from Bitbucket in 2017. Today they continue to innovate the software escrow industry on a global scale. The Escrow London 2nd generation Git collector service supports most git platforms including Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Azure Devops, SourceForge and others.

As many of the incumbent software escrow vendors are still insisting on manual deposits, software developers are seeking alternatives that integrate into their modern software development cycle. A new client of Escrow London recently commented “I’d rather not work with a software escrow vendor that required us to transcribe our source code on to parchment with a quill.”

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Escrow London services clients around the world from their offices in London, Escrow London Limited – United Kingdom (UK) and Escrow London North America Inc – Atlanta, United States of America (USA)